Canadians in the Bay Area #2

Our second profile... meet Sarah Mitchell:

Interview by Dorin Greenwood, Digital Moose Lounge volunteer

Who: Sarah Mitchell

Home Base: Mountain View 

Originally from: Ottawa, Ontario

Alma Mater: McMaster University

What she does

Sarah is self-employed as a personal coach for parents, teaching them techniques to help their babies and toddlers sleep. (

Favourite pastimes and hobbies

Sarah loves to explore all the wonderful outdoor activities in the Bay Area, traveling and exploring California. “I now understand why many Americans don't have a passport as there is such a variety of experiences and exploring to be done in America.”

What she misses most about Canada

The people, the simplicity and the general attitude of "for the good of the people.”

How often she gets back to Canada

About once a year.

How she gives back to the community

As one of the founders of the Facebook Group "Canadian Moms In Silicon Valley,"  Sarah wanted to offer support to a growing group of Canadian Moms when they moved to the Bay area.  “We help each other by sharing resources and experiences related to neighbourhoods, schools, healthcare, visas, taxes, and everything family-related.”

Sarah sits on the Board of The Mothers Milk Bank of San Jose helping guide the organization to make sure that safe breastmilk is accessible to every baby in California.   

Sarah is also the Co-President of the Board of the Parents Club of Palo Alto (PAMP).  “We build communities for families with young children by hosting events and forums, and providing resources in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and the surrounding areas” 

Her advice for Canadians moving here and how to adjust to their new home

“Immerse yourself in the experience, put yourself out there and go to events where you won't know anyone and make connections.  Keep trying - it takes a long time to find ‘your people’.  Seek out organizations and groups that are local to your area.  The Bay area is vast, and it's those people and events close to your home that you are most likely to have the great connection with.  Go to the Digital Moose events to connect with like-minded Canadians for great advice on resources and things to do and a little ‘Canadiana’.”

Interesting in connecting with Sarah?

“I'm always looking to connect with pediatricians, doulas, lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists, nutritionists.”


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