Canadians in the Bay Area #3

Who: Madeline Jhawar

Home Base: Menlo Park

Originally from: Edmonton, AB (18 years); Kingston ON (4 years); Vancouver BC (1 year)

Alma Mater: Queen’s University


What she does

Madeline owns a travel planning company called Italy Beyond the Obvious (

Favourite pastimes and hobbies

Madeline has lived in the Bay Area for six years and she never tires of exploring it. “Restaurants, hikes, beaches, towns... it's pretty bottomless.”

What she misses most about Canada

The healthcare system. Not only the system itself, but people's understanding of it


How often she gets back to Canada

About once a year.


How she gives back to the community

Madeline says she does alot of small things, mostly through her kids' schools or through girl scouts or boy scouts, but together they add up to alot! Some of those “small things” include volunteering as an art teacher through the Art in Action program for 6 years. She also helps keep the beaches of Northern California clean by picking up garbage along the coast with the girl scouts. Her son’s scout troop also collects food at Thanksgiving. “We also donate money every year for holiday gifts for the Veterans at the nearby VA hospital, and sing carols there, but our largest monetary donation goes to the public schools.”


Her advice for Canadians moving here and how to adjust to their new home

“Explore the area as you are living in one of the most gorgeous areas of the world. Also, remember that there are a lot of expats here and I'd say not actually that many stereotypical "average" Americans. We moved here from Chicago, and (while we LOVE Chicago!) I'd tell people, ‘I'm Canadian, and my husband is British of Indian descent. We met in Stockholm,’ and they would just stare at us blankly. Here, people often say some version of, ‘Hey, me too!’”


Interested in networking with Madeline?

She’s interested in meeting anyone who lives in, or is thinking about living in the Willows neighbourhood of Menlo Park.

Madeline is also happy to meet with anyone who is traveling to Italy and would like to meet for coffee to discuss their trip. These are "no-obligation" coffees that she can do with people who live locally. “Most people find me via my website so I always enjoy being able to meet people face to face.”

She would also welcome meeting people who are destination experts (for any destination), or are interested in starting such a business. “I can talk about business models and the travel industry all day!!!”


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