Monday Moose Roundup: April 4

Six of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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Shopify COO talks shop(ping)

Harley Finkelstein, COO and public face of Shopify, talks to Canadian Business about the Ottawa-based company, touching on the future of retail in Canada, how building trust is more important than raising capital, and how to get investors to Ottawa in December.

Have a seat on the Buddy Bench

We think this is a very Canadian video. CBC Saskatoon examines a (very cold looking) bench that one elementary school uses to encourage its students to make new friends and find playmates. Aww.

Observations of San Francisco from a new arrival

Can you call it Frisco? What do all bars have in common? And why do you have to pay everywhere by cheque? The author of this amusing piece is British, but her observations are apt and will surely resonate with Canadians new and experienced in the odd ways of the Bay Area.

The costs of luxury cruising in the Arctic

One positive economic effect of global warming is the opening of the Arctic for luxury cruises. Northern cities have seen a twentyfold increase in dockings since the 1990s, but the boon for tourism comes with pollution, environmental degradation and the very real possibility of emergency rescues. Read more here.

How do you follow “the perfect pop song”?

The Junos were held last night in Calgary. The Weeknd won big, but what about everyone’s favourite Canadian pop star of yesteryear, Carly Rae Jepsen?

Fans of pop music, musicology, and Canadian Idol 3rd place finishers will delight in this hilarious episode of the Switched on Pop podcast that delves into what’s going on behind 2015’s “I Really [Really, Really, Really, Really, Really] Like You.” Also discussed: what makes a great sophomore single, where to find a great Swedish producer, and how this song compares with “Saint Jepsen’s” previous smash “Call Me Maybe” (which, frankly, may or may not be as great on its own as this  with Nine Inch Nails).

And on our own channel…

Getting a foothold in Silicon Valley

This week we interviewed a Silicon Valley insider who gave us the scoop on what and what not to do when visiting or getting established in the area. Required reading for everyone who has ever asked (or been asked) to set up five meetings with “Google, Facebook, Apple and some VCs” for an upcoming visit.

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