Monday Moose Roundup: February 22

Five of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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Could Canada’s hockey teams be any worse? Nope.
Playoff season is fast approaching, but it's not looking good for Canadian teams. Maclean's ponders why Canadians have been so much more successful on US teams in the recent past, and whether we need a little more tough love north of the border.
On the bright side, San Jose looks on track for another chance to delight/disappoint its local Canadian converts this year!
Declaring our "Canadacy" for 2016
Forget Greatness: let's set our sights a touch lower. Under the banner “America But Better,” the Canada Party declares its intent to run for President again in 2016, offering to -- very politely -- just help make America “good again."
[warning: video possibly NSFW due to language]
Does the Supreme Court of Canada need more checks and balances?

There has been much speculation this week about the political wrangling that will follow the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. But how much do Canadians know about our own Supreme Court and how judges come to sit on it? And is it possible we have something to learn from the Americans?


I’ll Take Overzealous Anti-Spam Legislation for $400, Alex


Citizens from this northern clime are currently barred from taking Internet-based qualifying tests for Jeopardy! because of online privacy regulations.


What is Canada?

That's right: the game show's Internet-based aptitude test has fallen under the rigourous purview of Canada's anti-spam legislation, rendering Canadians ineligible to try out for the show for now. I guess that means more clips of a quietly disappointed Trebek in our future.


Poles of our Imagination

Where does the idea of the hardy, virtuous and sometimes brutish Northerner come from? This piece takes an extended look at the fantasy of the North, from Ptolemaic cartography to Game of Thrones, to explore the enduring, romantic and sometimes dangerous allure of the world's uppermost reaches.


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