Monday Moose Roundup: July 11

Five of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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How Bexit will affect Canada

You may have heard that Britain voted to leave the European Union recently. What will be the impact on Canada? (Apart from signaling the best time to pick up some pounds sterling in years.) The Walrus offers a thoughtful explanation of the rise of nationalism around the world, and a possible antidote to its darker side.

A banner day in Canadian Tennis

Milos Raonic may have lost the Wimbledon final against Andy Murray yesterday, but it was still a landmark moment for Canadian tennis, with success at the junior level as well, representing a coming of age after new investments last decade in developing young talent.

 A migration animation

Watch the world’s net migration flows, country by country, in this nifty interactive map that was designed to offer a more realistic view of countries’ immigration numbers than is often portrayed in the media. For more context about US immigration in particular, check out the graphic of two centuries of immigration to the US by the same author — it has been a pretty steady tickle from Canada!

Canada Post is still considering a strike

Seven months of negotiations on pensions and wages later, Canada Post is still deadlocked in talks with the union that represents roughly 50 000 of its workers. Earlier talks of a lock-out today have been toned down, but this week will be one to watch.

All of Canada’s city dwellers, as explained to British people

Everyone in Ottawa is a government bureaucrat, Montrealers have “impossibly perfect” attire, and Calgarians have only two seasons: “‘Stampede’ and ‘waiting for Stampede’.” Completely ridiculous, with just the slightest dash of bang on.

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