Monday Moose Roundup: July 18

Five of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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A Poutinerie plots global domination

Our local Smoke’s in Berkeley is the first in America, and if Ryan Smolkin of Smoke’s Poutinerie has his way, it will be the first of many. Read about his plans to bring the Quebec dish stateside, his 80s glam marketing methods, and the trick to winning over new converts to the Canadian favourite.

A Trudeau family lineage…in comic books

Trudeau the Younger will soon be appearing in print as part of a Marvel series on (we think “The Maple Avenger” has a better ring, but hey). And it turns out Trudeau the Elder had his day in comics, as well. In the 1970s, he was featured in three issues that also saw Alpha Flight as agents of the Canadian government.

Britain gets some help from Canada

After so long in the EU, Britain is out of practice at making trade deals, so are turning to Canada for help with the process, which can take years. One key area of difference? Mobility of people, a key point of division in the Brexit debates. Says cabinet member Chrystia Freeland: “Canada’s position is to be ambitious in mobility.”

Canadians and Americans have differing moral compasses

A recent poll by Abacus Data showed some striking differences (and interesting similarities) in politically contentious issues such as abortion, gun control and doctor-assisted death.

A baby beaver is in a wading pool


This adorable fellow was found near a Calgary golf course and is being looked after by the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. The video make a, ahem, splash around the world last week and only served to increase all the warm fuzzies people feel about Canada.