Monday Moose Roundup: March 14

Six of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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Steve Martin, Canadian Art Advocate

Comedic superstar, banjo barnstormer and … Group of Seven enthusiast? The multi-talented Martin recently curated an exhibition of Canadian landscape art at Boston’s Museum of Fine Art. Which artist, revered in Canada but relatively unknown in the US, is his favourite?

Daylight Saving Time should really be called Daylight Spending Time

Why the twice-yearly ritual isn’t helpful for farmers or energy-saving advocates, but is great for gas stations.

For International Women’s Day, 7 Canadian authors you need to read

Seven critically-acclaimed author recommendations to expand your Canadian horizons beyond the usual suspects.

Stanford researchers are using fan fiction from a Canadian startup to research artificial intelligence

Computers have a lot to learn about real life from tales of werewolves and teen romance — perhaps even more than classic literature. How a team at Stanford is using content from a popular Canadian start-up to develop next-gen AI.

What’s Next on Happiness from the Canadian author of the Book of Awesome

Canadian Neil Pasricha’s Book of Awesome was a, well, awesome success when it came out in 2010. So what’s next? A more in-depth look at happiness itself: with his latest book, Pasricha explores the “success triangle,” never retiring, how to “want nothing, do anything, and have everything.”

Bonus Link! President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau joke around at the White House

This week’s visit by the PM — the first official state visit by a Canadian PM in almost 20 years — made news on both sides of the border. This welcoming ceremony at the White House was particularly charming, with references to hockey, a shared friendship, and how good looking Canadians are.