Monday Moose Roundup: March 28

Five of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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Money, money, money

Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the Liberals’ first budget with the promised deficit spending this week, and as has been the trend with the Liberals’ time in office so far, we got more than expected — more feminism, more jokey times with Obama, and now more deficit spending. A lot more. But will it help to jumpstart the economy? Mike Moffat at Canadian Business reviews what it got right, and what it missed.


New Zealand voted not to go all Canadian with its flag

New Zealand will officially not be joining the “world’s most recognizable flags containing leaves” club with Canada anytime soon. After a year of debate, the selection of a new flag, and a $26M national vote, they opted to stick with the current design that features the Union Flag in the top left quadrant (as Canada’s did, before 1965). See what they passed up here, and why.


Poutine in America

We all know by now that Americans just can’t seem to get poutine right. Now we have video proof.


Rob Ford’s Legacy

Toronto’s most controversial mayor died on Tuesday at 46 and the Canadian internet has been arguing with itself since about how to properly remember him. Charlie Gillis at Maclean’s delves into the strong work ethic and ability to connect with voters that drove his popularity, despite everything.


Jian was acquitted; what now?

Jian Gomeshi’s trial for sexual assault ended on Thursday with an acquittal. The high-profile court case of the former CBC superstar was often in the news and sparked numerous conversations — about the CBC, about misogyny, and about Gomeshi himself. Leah McLaren writes in the Globe & Mail about the impact of the trial on the popular consciousness, and what Canada looks like 18 months after the scandal first broke.


On a lighter, creamier note…

It has been a bit of a heavy news week in Canada, so we’ve included John Oliver’s tribute to YouTube conspiracy videos all about the real truth behind … Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. No, it’s not Canadian, but it is funny.