Monday Moose Roundup: March 7

Five of the best Canada-related links turning our heads and occupying our minds over the last week.

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Plan B for November 9
Well, we’re flattered. Since Super Tuesday, we (and Google) have been asked many, many times how Americans can move to Canada. Behold, a handy guide to wooing Canadians, learning how to swill maple syrup and developing a passion for poutine and ice sports.
Some number-crunching showing that the Great White North is … actually not that far north.
Check out these nifty tables and other data showing just how far south most Canadians live compared with many, many European and Asian vacation destinations. Perhaps surprising to those who refuse to believe we produce (great) wine domestically!
What New York can learn from Toronto 
From blighted housing project to progressive enclave: the New York Times chronicles the grass-roots revolution and live-and-let-live ethos of inclusion that has turned one of Toronto’s worst neighbourhoods into a "blueprint for successful economic and cultural integration."
The Petit Prince (of Wales)
Move over, Prince George, and make way for this rare footage from the 1940s showing the (then) Princess Elizabeth with a rather adorable Prince Charles as he faceplants and gallavants as a toddler. I wonder if they still sell royalty-appropriate man dresses and spats in extra extra small?
Moving to California may have made you less smart
Yes, the weather is fantastic. Not having to practice getting out of a black ice skid each winter is pretty rad. But it may be taking a toll on your smarts, says this study showing that winter, in fact, makes our brains work better.